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Jane McDonald Clothes

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Jane McDonald Clothes

Jane McDonald clothes are, for many, as much of a "thing" as the very travels on which she wears them! And as such, many are curious as to where they can be sourced. We, therefore, are pleased to say that we are stockists of the very collections that Jane McDonald showcases!


These fabulous collections are bright and bold and form a major part of our extensive and fabulous collection. Her Japan series has ended, however, we are delighted to say that we are only at the very beginning of our winter "Jane McDonald Clothes" collection deliveries! The images shown here represent just a tiny snap shot of the extensive collection that we stock! We are the main stockist in Scotland of the fabulous clothes that Jane McDonald wears! 


For the very latest updates please see our " Jane McDonald Clothes" Facebook page and the videos and images that we post showing the collections. We post our videos at 8pm and stock sells fast as soon as they go live! All orders are processed via Facebook. Please click the Facebook link below to be taken to our NEW page dedicated to our Jane McDonald clothes collections specifically!

If you do not use Facebook and would like further information, please do phone us- 01292 264412- and we will do our very best to help!

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Jane McDonald Sweater November 2023_

Going, going....almost gone!

Sweater above as seen on Jane McDonald's page this morning!. One piece only remaining. Size XL/XXl 18/20. To order or for further information please phone or get in touch via Facebook or phone. For all up-dates, please see our Jane McDonald Clothes page on Facebook. 

This page is only a taster of our extensive collection!

Jane McDonald Jacket. Episode 1 Japan_

This jacket was worn by Jane in episode 1 of her Japan series and we have now sold out! Further jackets in this style are available! 

Please see our Facebook page for all up-dates and to order.

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Orientique 6264 print coat
2248 and 2181 apollo.jpeg
Orientique puffa gilet 3215.jpeg
Orientiqueapollo 2181
Jane McDonald Clothes. Orientique 61024.jpeg


Does Jane McDonald have a clothing line?

No, she does not have her own clothing line. The collections that she wears are given to her for her travel programmes and are stocked by ourselves. We do not carry every style that she wears, but, we do stock an extensive collection!

Jane McDonald Clothes 2023

In her present series, Jane is wearing styles from both present and previous seasons. This is very frustrating for viewers and ourselves alike, as we have now sold out of the past season styles! However, she is also wearing styles from our autumn winter 2023 collection too! This collection is shown, in part only, in the images on our page here, many, many more styles can be seen on and ordered via our Facebook page.

Today's Video (17th November) below.

To order any of the items on this page or for further details, please phone 01292 264412 or send me a direct message on Facebook.

Thank-you, Lisa.

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