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Weddings...the reality today. #Whataboutweddings

Today should be the busiest day in the UK wedding calendar, but, sadly, as these images show, it is anything but busy.

As a supplier, it goes without saying that this is a worrying time. Most sectors are opening up again, but, weddings are happening on a very small scale only. We have been told by the Scottish Government that increased numbers will be permitted to attend weddings from the 14th of September. However, when questioned on the subject this week, the First Minister seemed unwilling to give any information and stated that, yes, they did hope to announce an updated number soon, but, indoor, social gatherings pose a risk. A wedding, therefore, a risky business!

Safety must come first, but, I cant help feeling that weddings really are being left to the bitter end and not necessarily logically so or relative to the health risk posed.

We, all other suppliers and couples alike will continue to "watch this space" and cross fingers that normality returns soon!

In the meantime, we cross fingers and hope the numbers shown are never seen again!

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