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When will we see you again?!

Updated: Jun 15

Four months ago our fabulous collection was being browsed by lots of lovely mothers of the bride, groom and guests and then.......................everything changed.

When I placed orders for our winter collection- this stunning dress included πŸ‘—-I could never have guessed what lay ahead. Within a matter of days, we went from, what would normally be the busiest time of year for us, to closed and life, in general, put on hold. Three months later, we really aren't much further forward, however, we are getting there!

With this in mind, I am posting to try and give what little information that I can as regards re-opening. Clearly, we are desperate to open, however, as it stands, we just cannot say when that is going to happen. Yes, the Scottish government has a given an indication of when non essential retail will be permitted to open again, but, that is only an indication. For us, the most important factor is guidance on mass gatherings and, in turn, weddings. That is what is going to dictate customer demand and that is what will dictate the basis on which we can safely re-open- appointment only or otherwise.

And that is just the beginning! In the good old days a business like ours was "high touch". Clothes touched on rails, clothes tried on, hats and fascinators, not only tried on, but placed on customers by ourselves, hangars constantly handled, zips done up by ourselves and so on. But, in this new world that we are now living in, we have to find a way of making the business "low touch"!

So, where does that leave us? In short, we will open just as soon as we possibly can, BUT, before opening, we have to be as sure as we can be that, when we do, we are opening in a way that balances not only government guidelines and customer safety but also a level of service that every customer should still be getting when shopping for their special outfit! We will continue to be guided by the information given to us and will up-date again as soon as we possibly can and, we promise, that we will be back! In the meantime, #staysafe and we look forward to seeing you again soon! πŸ˜€ Thank-you, Lisa x