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Mother of the Bride and Groom 2021?

Updated: Nov 13

2020 has been an unexpected and, in many respects, horrible year. We were getting ever closer to a degree of normality, however, in the last few weeks, things have taken something of a backward step and, in turn, the subject of weddings continues to be accompanied by many, many questions! At present weddings numbers are limited, at best, and for many, the wedding allowed is just not the wedding planned, so, weddings are being postponed to next year, and, indeed, to 2022.

With this in mind, we are receiving many enquiries on the subject of buying a mother of bride and groom outfit for 2021. Unfortunately, there is just so much uncertainty that we are struggling to give any real clarity! However, to try and give us much information as we can, here are some details.

Firstly, with regards to buying for spring/summer 2021, all of the main UK trade fairs have been cancelled. This is reflective of many factors, retailers not in a financial position to attend or place orders, a much decreased demand for new stock, uncertainty as to what is going to happen next and, of course, the obvious complication of trying to hold an exhibition, whilst still having to be guided by current safety measures.

Secondly, many of those manufacturers, who are selling for 2021, are producing smaller collections and, based on information being given, are likely to deliver collections later than is normal.

So, where exactly does this leave us? Well, what we do know is that a vaccine is looking more hopeful and, if it does become available, soon, 2021 is going to be the year of the wedding! Postponed weddings and those initially planned for next year are going to make for a very busy year. 👰👰👗👗

We have placed orders for 2021 and can promise some fabulous new styles! However, we are very much relying on factories being able to continue to trade normally and produce those fabulous new styles! Normally, we would receive huge deliveries from January to March and we would always advise customers not to shop too far in advance and to wait until the new stock arrives. However, for the first time ever, I find myself saying "do not assume the default position of business as usual"! We are living in very unusual times. Yes, we hope to have new stock, yes, we hope for a summer season of old, but, things are ever changing at the moment and we just don't have any guarantees ❓❓

The only thing that is certain is that we have lots of fabulous stock- now! So, if looking for a mother of bride or groom outfit for 2021, please consider starting to look now!

We will, as always, post up-dates both here and on our social media pages, so, please do keep watching!

Better still, please go to our home page now, where you will find more information and links to our galleries, showing our fabulous collection!

Thank-you for clicking on our blog post, we cross our fingers for all of the couples who are hoping to get married soon and wish everyone a fabulous time when that long awaited day arrives. 🤞

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