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To sell on-line or not to!

Gone are the days when shopping meant sore feet at the end of the day. We now live in a world where everything can be bought from the comfort of the sofa, glass of wine in hand and slippers on very comfortable feet! For many, this is progress and, as the Amazons of this world surely prove, this is big, big business. However, a wedding is in the diary and a fabulous outfit is required, is buying on-line, for such an event, the way forward?

From experience, we know what the "strike rate" in the shop is. That is to say, the number of customers who buy having tried. On average half of those who try an item will buy it. If this is the case when someone has seen, touched and tried then, surely, buying on-line is a process of luck, chance, not to mention risk?!

Further, when buying a mother of bride or groom outfit or, indeed, an outfit for a special occasion, is part of the fun not a girls day out, the excuse to have a get together and a couple of glasses of something sparkly! We do our very best to make sure that shopping in L is an enjoyable experience and we also strive to offer collections that are not widely available elsewhere, this originality would surely be lost if we went down the path of mass market on-line selling?

We at L are constantly considering the potential of selling on-line. Ultimately, busines is business and the bank balance has to have a say, however, for the time being, we are going to continue with the good old fashioned "bricks and mortar" store and only time will tell as to whether or not we have to resort to selling on-line.....!