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"Mother of Bride, The Rules"??

My hackles are up and why? I have just been flicking through a certain glossy bridal mag and come accross a feature on "Mother of Bride, The Rules".

Fisrtly, what is all this nonsense about "Rules"? Since when did being a "mum of" become a subject of right and wrongs, of should and should nots? Being a Mother of Bride or Groom is about being comfortable, being happy and above all else being individual. Newsflash.....the only rules are those being perpetuated by web sites, magazines and store owners trying to make a quick sale!

And, to add further fuel to my rant, this feature also quotes an occasionwear store owner as saying "Don't be tempted by the high St" Oh really?! Clearly, as the owner of an independent store I am bound to be biased as to the benefits of shopping in an independent store, however, instruct someone on where they should or should not shop, I don't think so!!

Word to the wise magazines and store owners, let shoppers decide themselves where they wish to shop and let mums make up the "rules" as they go along!

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