Mother of Bride and Groom Outfits in Scotland, near Glasgow, that stand out!

Are you looking for a Mother of the Bride, Groom or Guest Outfit in Glasgow ? We are located in Ayr, but, only a short drive from Glasgow and easily accessible from other areas in Scotland. In fact, we are pleased to say that, increasingly, the vast majority of our customers come from far and wide and we do our very best to make the journey a worthwhile one!  We are centrally located in Ayr with car parking in the street opposite the shop, additional car parks near-by and the train station is only a two minute walk away- please see the map on our contact page. So, whether in Glasgow, Edinburgh or further afield, please browse our site for a taste of L Occasionwear Ayr!

Mother of Bride Glasgow. Dresses. Outfit_
Mother of Bride Scotland. Dresses and Outfits_

Massive SALE now on!

Please see our videos to see some just some of the items in our sale!

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Veromia Occasions VO8124 Ivory and navy print dress. Mother of bride, groom or guest. L Oc
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Mother of bride, groom and guest 2022 winter collection.

Please click here for our collection "live" and all updates!

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Our Mother of Bride and Groom Collection.

Going to a wedding is not an every day event. Weddings and other special occasions demand a very special outfit and we will do our very best to help you find "the one".


However, it isn't all about the outfit. We understand that the prospect of buying and outfit, particularly a mother of bride or groom outfit, can be a frightening one. There is a great deal of pressure on mums and there shouldn't be. We promise that we will do our very best to make sure that the process of buying your outfit is an enjoyable one and not something to be endured!


 And, so to our collection!  We stock an extensive range of styles for all occasions including, of course, weddings . With regards to our collection, we are very much of the thinking that not all mums want to conform to the same look. What one customer might think of as a "mum of" outfit might not follow for the next.  Moreover, weddings are changing and that includes where they are being held. Therefore, the outfits that are being purchased are also changing.  We try to offer as wide a selection as possible and hope that whether looking for a classic mother of the bride dress or something more "out there"  that we will have something to suit! 

And, for those looking for something less formal, we have what we refer to as our "dressy but not too dressy" collection. A range of dresses for those looking for the perfect wear, wear and wear again dress. Chose from our Lizabella- we are the main stockist in Scotland of Lizabella- Noen, Foil, and Naya collections. 


 Finally, to top off your look-literally-we stock a wide range of beautiful headpieces.

Please scroll through our video galleries to see just some of our collection and for a little peek inside the world of L Occasionwear Ayr.

Having done so, we do hope that you will be encouraged to visit us very soon !

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Our fabulous casual collection!

Looking for a fabulous and original casual wear collection?  Then you have found it!

Two years ago, in response to the pandemic and the pause button being pressed on weddings, we decided to diversify and, oh my, we are so glad that we did. We started to sell our casual collection via Facebook and, oh my goodness, the demand was huge!

Our aim was always to stock a collection aimed at those who, although perhaps no longer that young, did not want to dress like their mother, but, not like their daughter either!! And,  with that in mind, our fabulous casual collection was created. As well as being available to purchase in the shop, our casual collection continues to be sold via Facebook. 2022 collection and as soon as it Our winter 2022 collection is here and lots of the styles can be seen in our videos on our Collection page here and our Facebook page. Please also see our casual collection gallery for a little taste of what we have!

Naya NAW22-248
Naya NAW22-247
Mother of Bride near Glasgow from _L_ Occasionwear Ayr

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