Mother of the Bride, Groom and Guest Outfits in Scotland.


Are you looking for a fabulous Mother of the Bride, Groom or Guest Outfit in Scotland? Then please read on! We are located in Ayr, but, only a short drive from Glasgow and easily accessible from other areas in Scotland. In fact, we are pleased to say that, increasingly, the vast majority of our customers come from far and wide and we do our very best to make the journey a worthwhile one!


For summer 2020 our rails are filled with the most beautiful selection of dresses for all occasions including, of course, for weddings.  With regards to our mother of the bride and groom customers, we are very much of the thinking that not all mums want to conform to a certain look and, for this reason, we do not separate our collection into, one for mother of the bride/groom and one for other occasions. What one customer might think of as a "mum of" outfit might not follow for the next.  Moreover, weddings are changing and that includes where they are being held- Scottish wedding locations-and, in turn, the outfits being purchased are also changing. We feel that it is very simply a case of,  your day, your outfit, your decision!


And, for those looking for something less formal, we have what we refer to as our "dressy but not too dressy" collection. A range of dresses for those looking for the perfect wear, wear and wear again dress! Chose from our Lizabella, Carla Ruiz, Tia and Arggido collections. 


 Finally, to finish your look, we also stock a wide range of beautiful shoes, bags, hats and fascinators.

Regarding seasons, our summer stock is delivered between January and March and our winter stock in July and August. All styles that have been photographed will be shown here and on our social media platforms. However, please bear in mind that we do not have images of all styles, therefore, you will be seeing just part of our extensive collection!


We are an hours drive from Glasgow with car parking available in the street opposite the shop and ample alternative car parking nearby. The train station is only a two minute walk away allowing for easy travel from other areas in Scotland.


​Thank-you for taking the time to visit our site. Please browse our galleries- Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 - and "inside our shop" pages which will give you just a little peek into the world of L Occasionwear Ayr!  Having done so, we do hope you will be encouraged to visit us very soon, if looking for a fabulous Mother of the Bride, Groom or Guest Outfit in Scotland.




Mother of the Bride, Groom and Guest Outfits that stand out!




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Having found the perfect outfit, no-one wants to arrive at an event to find that someon else is wearing the same thing. With this in mind, we keep a note of every event that we have sold an outfit for and will never knowingly sell duplicates. Clearly, we have no control over what other retailers are selling, however, although we cannot guarantee exclusivity we do our very best !

Temporarily closed

Owing to covid-19 and government ruling we are closed until further notice. We are receiving many enquiries asking when and on what basis we are going to open again, when will winter stock be delivered and when will summer 2021 colletions arrive and, I'm afraid, that the honest answer is, that we just do not know. Everything is dependent on what we are permitted to do and, also, on when weddings are allowed to go ahead again, as this will very much dictate the orders that we place for summer 2021 and the winter stock that will be delivered. As soon as we have the required information, we will up-date both here and on Facebook. We are desperate to open again and, we promise, that we will, just as soon as we possibly can!